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Marshé Steps

About Marshé Steps

Maintaining my personal fitness and living a healthier lifestyle have always been central in my life. As the daughter of a consummate fitness fanatic, my father instilled a commitment to healthy living as the first STEP for personal pride and excellence.  Dad would wake me early in the morning for extended bike rides, running, and personal training sessions as part of a normal routine. His relentless example, determination for excellence, and mentoring during this first STEP of my life cemented my desire to live a healthier lifestyle. Essentially, Dad taught me to "GET UP" and commit to personal excellence. 

Fitness Is for Everyone

Perhaps the idea of working out is frightening to you. Or, maybe the popular images of fitness portrayed by the media seems completely unattainable – so why even try, right? WRONG! Let’s get one thing straight right at the beginning: Fitness is for everyone. It isn’t confined to a certain training style, body shape, body weight or body fat percentage – it’s all about pushing yourself to be the best YOU!

High Energy Classes

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