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Welcome to the Marshé Step Family

Marshé Steps will challenge you to maintain your personal fitness through a healthier diet. My goal is to successfully help you feel better about your fitness journey, challenge you to make healthier decisions, and commit to being active. Marshé Steps is not just a fitness class, we are a family committed to a healthier lifestyle and living. As we "STEP UP", we are determined to conquer the next levels in our fitness journey and welcome you!  


Why We Do Fitness

As I battle my mother's health challenges along her side, she provides a daily example of how determination can conquer the most challenging STEP in life. I have conquered health, weight loss, and weight management issues within my personal battle and serve as a testimony that your next STEP in life begins with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 


I created Marshé Steps based on the essential principle that there are levels to personal success that are only achieved by a commitment to achieve each STEP. I am enthusiastic about motivating others to reach their goals and encouraging them to be active towards healthier lifestyles.  Marshe Steps offers high intensity classes that will increase your endurance, tone, and help you lose unwanted pounds.

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